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May 24, 2019

In the news - In  an "InsuranceNewsNet" article LIMRA predicts that while both income-focused annuity product sales and accumulation-focused annuity product sales will grow in the next five years, accumulation annuity sales will grow at a much faster pace.  Mark Will and Paul are back to discuss some of the reason’s annuity sales are on the rise.  Mark, Will and Paul emphasize that companies are trying to meet new consumer demands by evolving their products. The evolution of fixed insurance annuities is now considered insurance for a lifetime for consumers who know they will need another form of income when they reach retirement age. We then explore a scenario in which ”John” is trying to determine if he can retire at 65 without a pension and a predicted need for 40K a year for living expenses during retirement. The hosts break down the factors that go into whether or not John can retire including: How much does John have saved? Will 40k be enough to live off of in 30 years? Planning to retire involves several factors, however, annuities are growing more popular with new consumers due to their appealing rates and a demand for a second source of income during retirement.

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