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Aug 28, 2020

George Castineiras, Principal at Brewer Lane Ventures, joins us to discuss product innovation, workplace marketing, and emerging businesses in the retirement market place. George shares his advice for agents who want to shift their practice to capitalize on new opportunities.


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Aug 21, 2020

Ads for retirement planning typically focus on boats and vacations. In reality, the first concern in retirement should be funding healthcare. Jack Towarnicky from the American Retirement Association joins us today to talk about the reason advisors should address this funding need first.


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Aug 14, 2020

Today's virtual advisor model creates a new opportunity to educate more people than ever about basic financial concepts. We explore both challenges and opportunity with Norm Champ, Author of Mastering Money.

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Aug 7, 2020

In today's virtual world, authentic communication creates real connections with your prospects. Ho hum content makes them unsubscribe. Sara Grillo won't tolerate the latter. In today's show, she offers great advice on how to develop your own voice and amplify your presence on the web.

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