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Jun 2, 2023

Two weeks ago, the Alliance for Lifetime Income held a summit in Washington D.C. for its members. Ramsey Smith and our guest today, David Macchia participated in the panel discussions. They give us a recap of the event and the insights they gleaned from the two days there.

May 18, 2023

How do you explain the turmoil in the financial markets to your clients? Today, we're replaying a presentation that David Czerniecki, Chief Investment Officer for Nassau Financial Group recently gave to some of our top independent producers. Joe Jordan joins us as guest host introducing the topic. To see the...

May 11, 2023

Earlier this year, we hosted our second innovation in retirement event called Retiretech 2.0. Scott Hawkins, Managing Director and Head of insurance research at Conning delivered a keynote address on macro trends driving the annuity market today. We play his presentation on this show today.

Apr 28, 2023

With the passage of the SECURE Act 1.0 and 2.0, agents and advisors have a greater opportunity than ever before to help individuals navigate the complexities of their 401(k) plan. Today on our show, Bonnie Treichel, Chief Solutions Officer at Endeavor Retirement, discusses these opportunities and the requirements to...

Apr 14, 2023

Returning guest Barbara Matthews, Founder and CEO of BCMStrategy, Inc joins us for a timely discussion of public financial policy and the ability of machine learning to separate signal from noise. We cover crypto-currency intermediation, SVB, interest rates, COVID subsidies and the early insight that her machine...