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Jun 23, 2023

The insurance industry has a tortured relationship with leads - we desperately need them but seem to rarely like what we receive. Maybe the problem isn't really about the lead, but rather about understanding the actual intent of the prospect. Today, Jay Wolff, Chief Revenue Officer of Kerv.AI talks about his company's...

Jun 16, 2023

It's not often that people create new products that aren't annuities to increase late-in-life income for seniors. It's even rarer to design one intended to complement the sale of traditional annuities. Today, we'll explore one new company working to offer precisely that. It's called Savvly and we have Dario Fusato,...

Jun 9, 2023

David Czerniecki, Chief Investment Officer of Nassau Financial Group joins us again this quarter to provide his assessment of market trends and the overall economic outlook.

Jun 2, 2023

Two weeks ago, the Alliance for Lifetime Income held a summit in Washington D.C. for its members. Ramsey Smith and our guest today, David Macchia participated in the panel discussions. They give us a recap of the event and the insights they gleaned from the two days there.