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Jan 7, 2022

Regulation never sleeps in our business. More states continue to enact the new NAIC model regs. And now the Department of Labor suggests it may come out with new fiduciary standards as well. How should the industry successfully navigate the shifting currents?

Today, we get some great guidance from Hayley Maldonado and Eric Marhoun from the legal department at Nassau Financial Group. Hear how they view the changes and how they have started to address the changes at their company.

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We want to thank our primary sponsor and my employer by day, Nassau Financial Group. We're "working harder to be your carrier of choice." We support you with best-in-class service. We seek to keep things simple and will have your back in the years to come. We’re headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut with $27 billion in assets under management and serve over 500,000 policyholders. We have been doing this a long time - 170 years - but we remain humble enough to always try to improve.

We hope you enjoy the show.